Review – ACT Clutches

Since 2010, we have been running ACT clutches in our drift car. We started with ACT clutches based on reputation before ACT began to
support our program. We liked the Heavy Duty Street clutch so much we pursued ACT and they were kind enough to support us. Since 2010 we ran ACT heavy duty clutches with both street and 6 puck sprung discs.

CFRC Drifting mazworx-6

For Formula Drift Pro2, with an increase in power output, we upgraded to the ACT Twin Disc clutch. While engagement with the much lighter flywheel and more aggressive discs was a little rougher then the single disc, it is still quite good. And the pedal feel is nice and light. The clutch grabs and works perfectly.In 2014 we bumped up to the ACT Xtreme pressure plate, again with the 6 puck sprung clutch as well as an ACT Streetlite flywheel. For the SR20DET, ACT’s Xtreme clutch is rated to handle up to 565 ft-lbs torque. Engagement is smooth and wear has been great. Also, we were worried that jumping to the Xtreme clutch might have increased the pedal effort more than desired, but the effort is reasonable and a non-issue, even with the heavily repeated use of clutch kicks in drifting.

Below is a look at the twin disc after a couple rounds of competition.

IMG_1718[1] IMG_1719[1]
In over five years of abuse from drifting we have had no failures of any ACT clutch or components. Pretty good record!

We strongly recommend ACT clutches.