Review – DeatschWerks 1200 cc DV2 Fuel Injectors

DeatschWerks fuel injectors are another brand new product for us in 2015. So far, we are impressed.

2015 sponsor-4

DeatschWerks supplied us with their new EV14 1200cc DV2 fuel injectors. The DV2 injectors offer higher flow and greater precision. The injectors feature Bosch EV14 technology, are flow matched, are compatible with race fuels and E85 and come with a 3 year warranty.

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For our application, we were worried the 1200cc size might be too large and throttle response might suffer. On the dyno and through both a Pro-Am and FD Pro2 season, response has been great and the injectors have performed exceptionally well with no issues. When we sent the injectors back for service during the season, flow tests showed everything was to spec, reinforcing DeatschWerk’s claim of higher precision.

We strongly recommend DeatschWerks new DV2 line of injectors.