Review: Mazworx Racing Engines SR22DET

Mazworx Racing Engines

We began the our first Formula Drift Pro2 season after completing two full seasons of Pro-Am competition on our Mazworx Racing Engines built engine. It is amazing what a well built engine can do, not only in performance, but in reliability. Our 2014 and 2015 Pro-Am seasons were a joy from a crew chief’s perspective in that reliability was high and we had only a few issues, none of which were associated with the Mazworx engine.


A significant amount of work was done on this engine by Mazworx including:

Short block work

  • Installation of Darton sleeves and boring to 90mm (increasing displacement to 2.2 liters)
  • Modification of crankshaft rod journals for 19mm wide bearings
  • Bearing saddle mod to use 5-hole GTiR bearings to increase oil flow to rod bearings
  • Proper machining of the block including decking and line boring

Head work

  • Installation of new oversize valves and multi angle valve job
  • Stage 1 port and polish
  • Dual guide mod for rocker arms
  • We did retain and use (owner decision) the original hydraulic lifters and rocker arms

Complete and proper assembly of all components.

With the high performance parts and Mazworx workmanship, this engine should be good for 600whp+ without any issues. The engine performed exceptionally well

During the FD season, we started to see some issues, although these were not caused by the Mazworx build.

  • In round 1 we broke a rocker arm. This was traced back to a bad lifter, probably just age related. To solve the problem we changed over to solid lifters. Mazworx supported while we did the work. When we had the engine apart, we did notice some detonation damage that we believe occurred when we had cooling issues before going to an electric water pump.
  • In round 2 we blew the engine in practice due to a severe over boost when a wastegate fitting came loose. The engine was rebuilt with help from Mazworx which then performed very well in rounds 3 and 4.


Our overall assessment is that the performance of the Mazworx build and workmanship has been stellar. Their build makes great power and can do it reliably although replacement of old parts with new is recommended. And, Mazworx has incredible experience and expertise and can assist with many issues should they arise.

We also added this nifty mechanical timing chain tensioner. Mazworx has some truly awesome custom parts.


We strongly recommend Mazworx Racing Engines