Review – Turbo by Garrett

2015 sponsor-2mazworx-7

Over the last 5 or 6 years, we have always had a Garrett turbo on the drift car, starting with the lowly GT2554R to the GT2560R to the GT2871R to the GTX2867 and now the GTX3071. The Garrett Turbo is nothing but awesome. The 2871 was a workhorse for us a few years ago and it performed very well and pushed us above the mid 300 whp level. As FD Pro-Am competition began, we moved to the GTX2867 which improved top end power and seemed more responsive on and off throttle. Removing this after a season of drifting showed it to be in great condition with excellent shaft play.

2015 turbo 2015 turbo upgrade-49 2015 turbo-9

The new GTX3071, in twin scroll exhaust form, was installed in December 2014, between rounds of the Three Palms Drift licensing series. Dyno results and initial track testing tell us this too is an awesome turbo. Combined with our other mods, we increased power and torque throughout the power band. No noticeable increase in lag of loss of responsiveness. We looked forward to great results with this excellent turbocharger and got them. Second place in the licensing series; earning an FD Pro2 license.

We strongly recommend Garrett turbochargers.